Developing Mathematics Tech-knowledgy for Equity

Module #3: Enact


Transformative Digital Technology for Equity Question Prompts to Center Equitable TPACK
Dimension 1: Access- Provide access to dynamic tools that support inquiry, discovery, and access to deep mathematical sense-making In what way does the choice of technology tool foster mathematical sense-making and allow equitable access for every learner?   
Dimension 2: Identity- Promote authorship and student agency that promote equitable structures and participation In what way does the digital tool allow student ownership and authorship to build positive mathematical identities?
Dimension 3: Formative Assessment- Differentiate instruction with presentation tools containing teacher dashboards and quick scan features to offer real-time feedback and scaffolding In what way does the digital tool promote formative assessment and differentiation to meet learners’ needs?
Dimension 4: Collective Thinking- Empower students by distributing authority and honoring all student ideas through collaboration, communication, and connection for social interaction In what way does the digital tool affirm multiple ideas and empower students to collaborate, communicate and build collective knowledge among their peers?
Dimension 5: Amplification of Mathematical and Cognitive Processes-  Amplify the mathematical processes with fidelity (Zbiek et al,. 2007) using technology-mediated features In what way do the features of the digital tool amplify mathematical or cognitive processes?